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Taco Tuesday Halloween

Is it a coincidence that Halloween fell on Taco Tuesday this year? I think not.

Originally, our family was supposed to dress up with a superhero theme. Little Man had his Batman costume and Sweet Girl had her Wonder Woman costume. At first I had planned on being Deadpool, until the costume-fitting went wrong at the party store when I tried it on. Took one look in the mirror and said, “Uh, this ain’t gonna work.” That body suit was hugging a little too tight in a couple places, and I still have a few pounds of baby weight that need to go bye-bye. Baby is almost 3 years old now…don’t judge me.

Then, Big Daddy threw everything off when he bought a Jedi costume. Well, crap. Now what?

I spotted a female ninja costume that looked pretty awesome and would cover up those trouble areas I was referring to. Having martial arts training background, this seemed like the perfect fit for Sugar Mama (that’s me)…even though I’m out of shape and only turn into a ninja when one of my children looks like they might get hurt.

So, the theme of our costumes changed to Badasses. I think we nailed it.

The ultimate #girlpower duo for Halloween right here.

My mother-in-law wanted to dress up for Halloween, but wasn’t sure exactly what to pick out. I named off a few costumes that I have for her to borrow, none of which really sparked her interest…until I said, “Sugar Mama.” She excitedly agreed to dress up as a Sugar Mama. As you can see from the picture, I couldn’t wait for her to get there and put on her costume.

Since Halloween did fall on Taco Tuesday this year, guess what we had?


Just kidding.

My in-laws, parents, both brothers and their families all came over for a Taco Tuesday dinner and trick or treating. Our neighborhood is small and cozy, many of the neighbors knowing each other. For Halloween, it’s pretty pimp. People are riding around on their golf carts, kids have their candy, adults have their cocktails, several house parties going on in the neighborhood to stop by, and occasionally someone is playing a movie outside on a projector. There were a few golf cart races happening down our quiet little street, and all you could hear was cheering from the dads and kids on said golf carts.

At the end of the evening, I ended up being the golf cart Uber (nicknamed Guber) for a few of the parents to get back home. Got a text message and this ninja hopped on the Guber and rescued some stranded parents to get them home.

Everyone came over for dinner around 6:00, and we were ready to eat. We started out with Margarita Beer, Mexican style Creamy Corn Dip with tortilla chips, tacos, Chicken Quesadillas and Bean Enchiladas. Dessert is usually my thing, but there was really NO point in making dessert when we would be exposed to about 12 pounds of candy per person. Personally I’d prefer my kids get to sleep before 3am, especially on a school night. No exorcism in our house because of an excess amount of sugar, please.

What did you do for Halloween? Any special rituals or traditions?

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