Coworker’s Going Away Cake

///Coworker’s Going Away Cake

Coworker’s Going Away Cake

Since all of my baking madness started with a cake decorating class, it’s something that I still enjoy doing on occasion. One of my friends from Krafty Draft contacted me recently to make a cake for her husband, whose coworker was leaving for another job. He works in a male dominated profession with a lot of dry humor, and they found a cake they thought was hilarious and asked me to recreate it.

When I saw the picture of what they wanted me to make, I could NOT STOP LAUGHING at it.

So, the planning began with them picking a date, and deciding what flavor to make. After going back and forth, finding out that the guy was obsessed with peanut butter, I suggested a peanut butter cake with a light sprinkle of mini chocolate chips, covered with buttercream icing. That seemed to be a winner, so I got to work.

After putting it all together, I stared at it, and could NOT STOP LAUGHING. Again.

The combination of such a dark, yet hilarious comment surrounded by flowers and a rainbow just makes it that much funnier to laugh at and appreciate. My dad said, “I know it’s in jester, but it seems kinda mean.” So, I explained…

You need a special sense of humor to really appreciate this cake. Also, keep in mind that if your coworkers did NOT like you, then you wouldn’t get something like this. Basically, your coworkers are upset that you’re leaving and this is their way of showing it. This cake is so special that it could only be given to a coworker who has the sense of humor to appreciate something as crazy as this cake. In fact, I sent the picture to my old boss, because it was something I could easily have seen him giving this to ANY of the chefs in the kitchen that we all worked with a couple of years ago. The shenanigans that go on in a kitchen are limitless, and it definitely keeps the work days interesting.


This is a 3 layer 8 inch peanut butter chocolate chip cake, with buttercream icing in between the layers and surrounding the outside. The clouds are mini marshmallows, the rainbow is simply icing that has been colored and piped on, the flowers were storebought from Wal Mart, and the letters are fondant, cut out with cutters.

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