I Ran a 4-Mile Race with Covid

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I Ran a 4-Mile Race with Covid

After my first 5k, I was excited to train for the next upcoming race on July 4th. Little did I know, there would be a bit of a hiccup. The “cold” I thought I had ended up being Covid, which I tested positive for the next day. When I got home from this race, I was unusually fatigued, disoriented, and spiked a fever that afternoon. I was on the couch wrapped up in a blanket the rest of the day, thinking it was exhaustion. It most definitely was not exhaustion, and I spent the next few days binge-watching a bunch of movies I hadn’t seen.

For me, the worst part of Covid was the fatigue. I was so used to moving around a lot and training, so taking that away was depressing. I sank into a bit of a depression because I felt like I could barely do anything physically, and was stressing out about training for my upcoming first Sprint Triathlon in August. “I don’t have time to be this exhausted!” I whined, but then reminded myself that my body was handling it much better than what some people had gone through, so that was a reality check. I became thankful.
July 4th, 2022
Another race in the books!!! Today was the first time in my life that I ran 4 miles straight without stopping!!
Although my pace time was a little slower than the last 3 mile race, I’ll start by saying that I caught my son’s cold that knocked him on his butt over the weekend. He was so sweet to share his headache, sinus/chest congestion, and fatigue with his mama.
Even though I wanted to sleep this morning instead of getting up at 5am to do this race, I got up and did it. The first 2 miles were relatively easy…but the last 2 were not.
My head hurt. I was tired. I was hungry. I wanted to slow down to a walk. I was a sweaty mess. I wanted to go home and curl up in a blanket on the couch…but I pushed through and made it to that finish line without slowing down or stopping at all. And although my legs felt like noodles when I was done and wanted to eat my arm from being so hungry, I freaking did it…and I turn 42 next week. Age WHAT???
I love seeing the people at these races. There were several women I looked at and said, “Oh yeah, she’s gonna smoke me.” Instead of beating myself up for the people who are better than me, it gave me hope. I can be one of those women one day.  My focus isn’t to be better than them, but to beat my previous time and distance if possible by improving.
One thing I have learned about accomplishing anything in life is MINDSET. If you tell yourself, “I can’t do that,” then you are correct. However, if you tell yourself, “I CAN do that, it’ll just take time, consistence, and perseverance,” then you just increased your odds tenfold.
Bottom line is: You don’t know if you don’t try.
The first half of my life, I gave up WAY too easily on literally everything. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life not trying and missing out on the rewards.
Total time: 49:36
Average pace: 12:24
Division place: 16/20
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